Flock Printing

Flock is a printing technique where the design is cut from a coloured foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat. Flock printing features:

Elegant appearance

A flock print has a velvety, fuzzy surface. The foil (0.5 mm) is somewhat thicker than flex, which causes the design to appear slightly elevated from the apparel and results in the plush feel. The colours have a soft glow to them.

Longevity and durability

Flock designs retain their colour brilliance after many washes.

How do I get the best results with flock?

  • With text - the vibrant colours and somewhat thicker material raises the text from the apparel.
  • With small, medium and delicate designs - logos and stylised designs emphasise flock very well.
  • On cotton - the soft, fuzzy flock material matches visually with cotton products very well. Flock can also be used on other materials (e.g. polyester or spandex) where there is a very high contrast which emphasises the design exceptionally.

What should I be aware of when using flock?

  • The design must be uploaded as a vector graphic.
  • Maximum of 3 colours per design.
  • Especially large designs are best suited for products made with heavy, thick fabrics, e.g. sweatshirts. Large designs on thinner materials (e.g. t-shirts) are not comfortable to wear as the foil is thick and less flexible.
  • Designs which feature small details (e.g. thin lines) and are placed over seams may cause these thin parts to break after a few washes.


     Flock print with three colors on a white shirt          Flock print with three colors on a white shirt         Flock print with three colors on a white shirt          Yellow flock text on a light blue shirt


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