Digital printing is the ideal printing technique for photos and colourful designs which have gradients. This printing technique does not last as long as flex and flock. The colours fade over time.

Digital printing is divided into two different techniques: Digital Direct and Digital Transfer.

Digital Direct

  • The print is sprayed directly onto the apparel. Therefore, the design feels softer and is more comfortable to wear than Digital Transfer.
  • Digital Direct works well with large designs, however the colours fade after the first few washes. This printing technique is optimal if a "vintage" look is desired. The design looks somewhat washed-out and vibrant colours are not to be expected.
  • Digital Direct is a relatively new printing technique, therefore we are not able to print on all of our products.

Digital Transfer

  • The design is then printed onto a transparent transfer foil and cut out by hand. Next. the foil is heat-pressed onto the shirt. A small, scarcely visible border from the transfer foil remains on the shirt after it has been printed.
  • Compared to Digital Direct, the Digital Transfer designs are truer to the original colour and more durable.
  • Digital Transfer designs can only be printed on white and light-coloured products.

Digital Transfer Overlay

  • The design is printed on an opaque foil which covers the printed fabric's colour. This allows dark shirts to be printed.
  • The foil with the design is cut accordingly, which leaves a small white border (1-3 mm) around the design. Then the foil is then pressed onto the shirt under high heat.
  • Compared to Digital Direct and Digital Transfer, the designs printed with this method are durable and truer to colour. The colours are vivid and have a high contrast.

How do I get the best results with digital printing?

  • With photos: an unlimited number of colours are available for the design, colour gradients are possible.
  • For designs with more than 3 colours and with colour gradients.

What should I be aware of when using digital printing?

  • The design must be uploaded as a pixel graphic . This graphic must have a sufficient resolution so that the design does not appear "pixelated" (blocky pixels) when it is printed in the desired size.
  • Digital Transfer designs which are printed on stretch shirts (e.g. Men's Slim Fit T-Shirt ) might form cracks, as the print is not very flexible.
  • Colours fade over time.

  Zebra on black shirt        Close-up zebra on black shirt         Zebra on white shirt           Close-up zebra on white shirt


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